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Lun 20 Ago 2012 13:04:27 CEST

Sperando di fare cosa gradita vi giro la segnalazione di un servizio 
per semplificare il legalese delle web policies.


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  No Time to Read the Terms of Service? 'ToS;DR' Does the Hard Work for

For most of us, Terms of Service (ToS) are just a speed bump on the way
to signing up for internet services. Terms of Service agreements are
often monumentally long and are almost always written in horrible
legalese that even lawyers have trouble parsing. So almost no one reads
them; we all just click "agree" and move on. It's either that or don't

But what do you give up when you agree to a service's ToS?

That's what a new project called "ToS;DR [1]" wants to help you
understand. The site's somewhat awkward name is a play on the common
TL;DR abbreviation -- too long; didn't read -- which fits perfectly 
most people's approach to ToS agreements. As the site says, "'I have
read and agree to the Terms' is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to
fix that."
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[1] http://tos-dr.info/

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