[ImoLUG] Distro alternative Raspberry

fRANz andrea.francesconi@gmail.com
Sab 22 Mar 2014 11:30:42 CET

2014-03-22 6:11 GMT+01:00 Stefano Ballardini <stefano.ballardini@gmail.com>:

> L'ho installata e fatta partire, la proverò meglio ma sembra che non
> supporti la Tp-Link WN722N.

si parte male :-)
ma del resto, per loro, è un plus:

IPFire is based on Linux, which is the best Open Source kernel around.
Additionally, IPFire is not based on any other distribution like
Knoppix is on Debian. It is compiled from the sources of every single
package. This comsumes a lot of work, but finally gives the
opportunity to not rely on the update cycles of others. The advantages
we gain is that we are able to select very stable versions of software
and build the distribution from them. For example is the most part of
the distribution quite well tested and long maintained - in contrast
to the kernel which is very recent and regularly updated with patches
to support as much hardware as possible and more importantly fix
security errors.

(da http://www.ipfire.org/features#updates)

> Cmq una volta fatta la sdcard bisogna prendere da una raspbian tutti i file
> start*.elf e fixup*.dat e trapiantarli su ipfire, sembra che nativamente
> ipfire non supporti bene i raspberry da 512 di ram.

bemo addirittura?
sai che c'è? per avere un iptables, una chiavetta 3G, uno squid, una
vpn (openvpn, strongswan, quello che più piace), fai prima a
customizzarti una raspbian che non a 'mettere in pista' un ipfire nata

tutto rigorosamente IMHO


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