Any progress?

Alessandro Rubini
Thu, 8 May 2003 16:07:23 +0200

>> to set thing up during the weekend
> I wish.

I made the first draft. Since a lot of time has passed, I have to
start it over again and I'm taking this option to take detailed notes
about everything. 

The first draft of the document (not getting to real stuff, yet, but
setting the foundations and showing the structure), is in my private
CVS tree:
The username is "jornada"
The passowrd is "820".

This is not as private as real private stuff, it's just so google can't
crawl it (this email message is publicly archived, for example).

If anyone is interested in getting commit notification, please send
email like:
	echo subscribe | mail

Tomorrow I'll work on the jornada, so the document will become more mature.