Flash cards

H.Brunsting tisme@tiscali.nl
Sat Apr 17 04:41:29 CEST 2004

As far as I know there's no limit to the size of a CF card, regarding the 820. 
I know for sure 128MB works, but I have no reason to believe a 512 or more 
card wouldn't work. I've hooked up a 5GB PCMCIA drive to the PCMCIA slot and 
it worked fine. I assume the CF reader is on the same bus, thus having the 
same constraints as the PCMCIA slot. Just remember it has to be type 1 to fit 
in the CF slot, so a microdrive will probably not fit (although I've heard of 
people squeezing it in anyway, getting it out is a different story). Of 
course you can always put type II cards into the PCMCIA slot using a card 
Most (all?) solid-state CF memory cards should fit into the slot no problem, 
and be fully usable, so get out there and get the biggest one you can find!

On Friday 16 April 2004 23:42, Joe Dufresne wrote:
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> Ok, guys, I've gotten my parts 820, fixed my broken one (even got a ram
> expansion card, wasn't expecting that), and with the exceptions of not
> having a CF card, and only having soem idea of what I'll be doing, I'm
> ready to install linux.
> so my question is, in concerns to the 820, what size or type limits am I
> looking at for a compact flash card.  I obviously want the largest
> capacity I can afford, speed/voltage is secondary.
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