make toolchain barfs

Tue Dec 28 23:59:21 CET 2004

OK. Our friends who develop the toolchain upstream must have added a new option.
The answer is that we're little endian, like any sensible person would
like to be. Flamewar season is open. If you have CVS write access,
please commit the change. Otherwise, open an account on sourceforge so
that we may grant you access.


> after a few days of trying to set up my own cross compiler environment I
> decided I might as well go for the easy way and just build it
> automagically using the Makefile that's in CVS.

> However, doing a "make toolchain"  seems to get stuck in an infinite
> loop:

> choice[1-2?]: Target Processor Endianness
> > 1. Little Endian (ARCH_LITTLE_ENDIAN) (NEW)
>   2. Big Endian (ARCH_BIG_ENDIAN) (NEW)

> The fix should be fairly trivial (one extra echo statement), but, ehr, do I
> have to choose little endian or big endian? :S

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