Francois-Rene Rideau
Tue Feb 3 14:45:06 CET 2004

On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 07:33:20AM -0500, G Almasi wrote:
> But I don't have any USB devices to talk to, not even a pen
> drive, and I am not ready to shell out another $50 for one.
> I just spent my allowance on this machine - I bought a 256MB
> CF card.
You know, the fund I have gathered is made to cover these expenses.
Please let me offer you the CF card and a USB device of your choice
(is there a USB<->IDE adapter that already works with Linux?).
Send me details off-list.

> Of course, X doesn't work - I don't know how to make it use
> the framebuffer device. Anyone care to shoot ideas?
We oughto look at the way other PDAs compile their X server.
Since this is a vanilla unaccelerated framebuffer,
a pretty standard configuration should do.

> Does anyone know what the physical address of the RAM
> in the expansion slot is?
I can't tell, but the first place to try would probably be
the "second memory bank" as wired into the SA-1100 hardware
(I think that's 0xD0000000, maybe 0xC8000000; I should RTFM).
Second choice would be it being contiguous to the existing 16MB.
At worst, note that blob can autodetect RAM, so you could just
bootstrap into blob on the serial console and query it to find out.

> I would need to test the memory before using the second bank.
Maybe for the way blob does it?

> 5) The frame buffer display and PCMCIA don't like each other
> too much.
Since there is no apparent problem accessing the PCMCIA and the screen
simultaneously when using WinCE, I guess there is a solution.

Too bad none of the (then) HP engineers who designed the thing
could ever be located.


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