Oleg Gusev
Tue Feb 3 14:42:34 CET 2004

> But I don't have any USB devices to talk to, not even a pen
> drive, and I am not ready to shell out another $50 for one.

How can you use j820 without a mouse ? :)

> Of course, X doesn't work - I don't know how to make it use
> the framebuffer device. Anyone care to shoot ideas?

With 'Driver "fbdev"' in config ?? Honestly, i have never used 
X on zaurus.
Another question: how do we handle the second framebuffer ?

> Does anyone know what the physical address of the RAM
> in the expansion slot is? 

Try the bank=1,2,3 (0xc00000...+bank*128MB)

>I guess this must be a DMA problem. Related problem:
>Pulsing reset on the SA-1101 kills the frame buffer completely.

Are you absolutely sure that SA1101_BASE is at 0x180... ,
i.e. in Static bank 3 ???
I can't read anything useful from SKCR/SMCR/SNPR :(

If the USB code is backported, then the DMA API can be 
probably reused too, if that helps.


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