device support status 20040211.

Oleg Gusev
Wed Feb 11 10:28:15 CET 2004

Device                             kernel support status
 Display                                textfb - ok, Xfb - no?
 Brightness                     ok
 Keyboard                       ok, needs corrections
 LED/button                            ok, no patch yet.
 FAST IR                                no
 IR serial                              no
 Wire serial                    ok
 Power int/ext.              no
 Power backup             no
 Power management    no
 RAM                            ok
 VGA out                                no, fb1 needed
 ROM                            ok, what is binfs (msspeak) ?
 PCMCIA                         yes, irq/dma problems?
 CF                                     yes, irq/dma problems ?
 Audio out                      no
 Audio in                               no
 USB                            no
 Glidepad                               yes, no patch yet.
 Modem                          no
 Ext RAM                        ok (if you have it), no patch yet.

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