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David Jones
Fri Feb 20 17:23:45 CET 2004


I have vfat compiling into my kernel and it works just
fine.  It doesn't take up too much space either.  I've
been tinkering around with getting linuxrc to transfer
the boot process to the cf card.  So far no luck. 
>From what I've read it should be possible to get it
going.  At least that is how if works on boot cd's. 
If we can get that to work then it would really open
things up.


--- Oleg Gusev <> wrote:
> > A busybox with everything enabled (including
> > swapon, vi, chroot, ifconfig, route, telnet,
> etc.).
> I would prefer to have 'root=/dev/hda2'
> without any ramdisk, but PCMCIA doesn't allow that.
> Therefore i want a _really_ 'minimal ramdisk'.
> >PS: don't forget NFS client and VFAT support in the
> kernel.
> I have them, but mount seems to be broken. Will it
> work
> without portmap ?
>  Oleg.
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