Jornada820 Digest, Vol 4, Issue 20

G Almasi
Sun Feb 22 03:49:10 CET 2004

> I'm wondering whether to add our stuff to the "official"
> CVS,
> which is not that official and not that up to date
> (2.4.19-rmk6-pxa1-hh36),
> or whether to keep everything in a separate repository and produce an
> independent patch (which requires some scripting infrastructure).
> A patch might make it easier to integrate with update from other
> sources
> and/or with kernel 2.6 (has anyone had a try?).
> On the other hand we *of course* need a CVS (or similar) repository,
> so if we don't merge our files with CVS,
> we will have an ad-hoc CVS for just the files we modify.
> (1) What do you think?
> (2) Any volunteer to setup CVS and write suitable scripts?

Let me answer both questions here.

I don't know what scripts you mean, but I will volunteer setting up the
CVS and I will write a Makefile that sits *outside*
the linux directory and generates the kernel and the ramdisk from 
I am planning to import busybox 1.05 and cardctl/cardmgr into the CVS
repository as well.

I don't think we have the right permissions to do this on
I am only a member of the "linux" project there. Let me propose to
set up the build system in the CVS instead, and that we
move "mature" patches back into

In other words - keep ancilliary stuff on, and aim to integrate
kernel patches into the mainline.

> (3) Should we use kernel 2.6 instead?

In the long term, certainly. I will start to work on this - SLOWLY.
In the short term, it is more important to give people like Oleg
and yourself an outlet for your creative energies - I'm seeing a
lot of stuff fly by me on this mailing list,
and I really don't have the time to integrate all this on a daily basis
into the kernel. That would require a lot more time than I can afford
to spare.


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