The CVS reorg.

Oleg Gusev
Mon Feb 23 16:35:53 CET 2004

 Hi guys,

  can't really help with the development this week.
  Let me propose the following: please modularize
  the available code, where possible,
  and write help text entries for the modules.
  Some things are really generic and not jornada820
  specific (like pcmcia/sa1100_jornada820.c).
  It asks for pcmcia/sa1101_generic.c name (and is a port
  of sa1111_generic.c anyway).

Name                 New name          module?    help?   implemented?
j820_keyb.c      usar-sa01.c             -              -            /
j820_keyb.c      sa1101-ps2.c          -              -             /
-                        sa1101-usb.c          -              -            -
-                        sa1101-fb.c             -              -           - 
and so on.

Happy hacking,


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