Module Modularization

Hasjim Williams
Tue Feb 24 14:11:14 CET 2004

> Name                 New name          module?    help?   implemented?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> j820_keyb.c      usar-sa01.c           -          -       /
Are there really other people out there using the USAR?  About the only
other board is the brutus eval board, AFAIK.

> j820_keyb.c      sa1101-ps2.c          -          -       /
Is the Trackpad a standard PS/2 Trackpad???  I suppose this driver should
be separate, particularly as I assume you can also connect a PS/2
keyboard to the SA1101.

> -                sa1101-usb.c          -          -       -
This will more likely be usb-ohci-sa1101.c in drivers/usb.  sa1100_usb is
for the USB device support, which should also be possible on the Jornada
820, assuming that the pins from the SA1100 have been brought out.  Has
anyone traced these pins out yet?  There are two useful drivers for the
SA1100/SA1110 - usb-eth (ethernet) and usb-char (character device).  I
think there is a mass storage device that will let you use a PCMCIA or CF
slot as a USB mass storage device, somewhere else on or

> -                sa1101-fb.c           -          -       /
Who is working on the FB/VGA driver at the moment?

> I can't disagree, but i want that the people who write
> new drivers (usb,vga,etc.) keep modularization in mind,
> which is
> 1. The right thing(tm).
>   Look at `find . -name ucb1\*` in the kernel tree
>   and watch how everybody has written the driver
>   once again for his priceless board.
> 2. Makes the move to 2.6 easier
> 3. Helps to populate /lib/modules/* on the
>     ramdisk.

I'd have to agree, but there aren't that many ucb1xxx drivers...

But getting everything working first, should be more of a priority. 
Cleaning up drivers, etc can always been done later, especially for 2.6.
> Thanks for pointing me to the pcmcia power problem,
> i have oversimplified the things.

Some of the other PCMCIA code for other machines (that sa1101_jornada820
is based off) are probably also oversimplified too... :)

> We have three (well, 4) non-generic files now:
> init.S, jornada820.c, pcmcia/sa1101_jornada820.c and
> powerd-jornada820.c. The last one should export the
> apm interface, like apm.c, and provide the rest to 
> /proc/drivers/j820-powerd/*

Where is powerd-jornada820.c located?  

> The backup battery driver will be j820 specific too,
> and whatever is on the UCB1200 GPIO pins.

Yep.  Have all the GPIO pins been traced/mapped yet?

> I still don't understand how to control brightness/
> black level/backlight portably. How do ipaq people
> do that ? Though they are not an example of doing things
> portable. How is the VGA monitor controlled via USB,
> or is it also unsupported in Linux ? Somebody should
> enlighten me :)

VGA monitors are controlled through a HID driver generally.  I'm not sure
whether there is a suitable driver in the standard linux tree.  There is
a little info about how this is done with hiddev.c in
Documentation/usb/hiddev.txt.  As to how they are controlled through
user-space, I have no idea, as I've never tried this with my Gateway


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