Oleg Gusev oleg@usm.uni-muenchen.de
Sat Feb 28 14:55:08 CET 2004

> Is it just me, or isn't some breakage preventing hpcboot from
> successfully booting the image made from CVS???

Just you. I have added /sbin to e2* programs (not
everybody compiles as root) and manually run 
'make config' in pcmcia directory.  But, there is
another problem - compiled cardmgr is not working.
Being a lazy guy as i am, i have copied the old one
from George's ramdisk. Now everything works, but
i need to remove the zaurus-specific stuff from the rootfs
(jffs2 root on /dev/mtd* and so on). Has somebody
moved further (Dave?) That can save me a lot of
time for hacking the kernel :)


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