Linux on HP Jornada 820

David Jones
Tue Jan 20 03:59:58 CET 2004

Thanks for the reply.  Nice to see that there is still
some work being done.  It sounds really promising so
far.  I'm not a kernal hacker ( yet ) but I'm will to
try and fix what I can.  As far as testing goes, I do
have a Jornada 820 and serveral PCMCIA LAN cards I can
test.  These include Xircom and 3Com wired cards. 
Plus I have access to 802.11b 3Com, D-Link, Orinoco,
and Netgear cards.  Once I get a copy of the current
kernal, I'll try to work on one of the missing pieces.

Thanks again

--- Francois-Rene Rideau <> wrote:
> It seems that there is great progress on the 820
> front,
> with a hacker having keyboard and framebuffer
> drivers working,
> and semi-functional PCMCIA (w/o hotplug).
> Lots of issues remain to be solved,
> but the machine is already has a console of its own,
> freed from the serial console.
> I'll try to get the whole thing on CVS somewhere
> Is the site functional?
> Otherwise, we'll have look into or
> hosting...
> I'll keep you updated.
> Happy new year of the Monkey!
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