kernel with CF and PCMCIA support.

Oleg Gusev
Fri Jan 30 22:12:25 CET 2004

 Hi guys,
  i have tried the 2004-01-29 kernel and here are my comments
  and some questions:
  1. I can telnet to j820 and the connection is very fast, but
      the framebuffer blinks on each received packet.
      The interrupt overhead is too high ?
       Here is /proc/interrupts

  0:       1192   j820_kbd_irq
 11:      27930   GPIO 11-27
 12:          0   LCD
 19:          0   SSP
 26:     543963   timer
 27:          0   rtc timer
 30:          0   rtc 1Hz
 31:          0   rtc Alrm
 35:      55899   SA1101
106:      27960   pcnet_cs
107:         19   ide0
108:         10   PCMCIA card detect
109:          1   CF card detect
110:         88   PCMCIA BVD1
111:          3   CF BVD1
Err:          0

   2. /sbin/ifup is missing
   3. 32Mb RAM setting is hardcoded, so it is not clear if my 16Mb 
       j820 will crash on memory intensive task. Therefore, i am
       afraid of seeking in /dev/mem for (dead?) wince stuff.
   4. Do i need to write a special driver for reading ROM ?
       Where is ROM located on the bus ?
   5. UCB1200 and IRDA: what GPIOs are they using ?
   6. If i am not mistaken, some time ago 
       there was a /proc/cpu/regs driver. Is it still available ?
       Then one can use 'cat' instead of wince 'syswatch'.
   7. The hpcboot.exe still doesn't know about the proper framebuffer address,
       somebody with access to windows computer should recompile it.

   George, thanks for the great work! Seeing penguin on j820 was a
   really exciting experience :)


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