kernel26 initrd

Oleg Gusev
Thu Jul 1 11:37:15 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 08:12 pm, you wrote:
> I see you imported slightly edited source for linexec into j820boot.

I have stripped the ce3.0 things and the gui should be
rewritten anyway (we have the keyboard and mouse).
The main purpose was to show to the curious person
that writing a bootloader is not a terribly complicated task.

> Is there any particular reason to choose linexec over, say, HaRET,
> or any other bootloader? 

It is the simpliest bootloader, doing the job, and written in C.
I have talked with the haret author, and we
come to a conclusion that the backport to sa1100 is
not trivial (gui+pxa stuff).

> Are you the Pigeon signing the README?
Of course not. But IMHO, he has chosen the absolutely
right approach to the boodloader, sticking with the core
unix philosophy. The only better thing can be done by
removing the gui and running the program by

[\Storage Card] boot.exe zimage=xxx kernel=mykernel

> Where was the original source URL for linexec?

Replace haret by linexec in hh CVS. haret is also
a derivative of linexec, BTW.

The only wince2.11 gui-friendly linux bootloader is CyaCE.
It supports separate zimage+kernel, and other goodies,
but its handling of physmem is horrible, and comes from
an ancient pocketbsd.
I have compiled cyace, but can't boot with it because
of some problems in the physmem part.


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