Next move

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu Jul 1 20:13:57 CEST 2004

Next move for the j820-26 seems to be getting the sa1101
to initialize properly, and then getting pcmcia and usb to work
(in either order).

For the new interrupt handling, I recommend to do as with jornada56x.c
-- they seem to be using the newfangled irq masking scheme.

For the pcmcia and usb, I admit I am rather clueless.

Any taker(s)?
I got no time for now: I'm moving!

PS: I tried to cat < /dev/misc/psaux on linux 2.6, with no input,
so we must be doing something wrong.

PPS: as for a bootloader, using LAB could allow us to chain-boot a new kernel
without ever coming back to WinCE: just include in the 2.6 initrd a bootimage
for a known-working 2.4 kernel!

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