Some question

Stanley Kardach
Thu Jul 15 23:33:03 CEST 2004

While ago vacation started so it's a time to test j820.
1) I've roughly installed linux on CF by using Fare's kernel that automounts 
root fs on cf and zaurus-debian-big...i don't remember version. After some 
modyfications it works well under console, but if i'm correct that there is a 
way to run X on j820, isn't it? I've tried Xfbdev and when i run it it can't 
find /dev/tty0 (i use vc/1 and vc/2 for consoles). Now i'll try Xvnc but i 
need some instalation stuff to do (it needs icewm).Xvnc server seems to run 
but it stays in console because i don't have icewm installed. if you run ps 
you can see it runnung and after memory usage inspection you can definitely 
say that it some way. Any suggestions what do i need to run X?

2)I've read somewhere (i think that in one of Oleg's messages) that he uses 
zaurus initrd for base system. How does he use it? i've downloaded 
initrd.binfrom zaurus c700 and i can't mount it with "-o loop" because linux 
doesn't recognize fs which initrd do i need, hod do i use it and 
with which kernel...i think this would be good for making some kind of FAQ 
for n00bs like me ^_^

Stanley Kardach

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