Oleg Gusev oleg@usm.uni-muenchen.de
Thu Jun 3 23:08:08 CEST 2004

>Hi, just to tell you that the latest pcmcia code in CVS seems to solve
>the problems I was having and for which I had to manually revert a few bits
>in the voltage settings of slot 0.

Ok. Nice to know that. Some more thoughts/ideas: 
there should be no Vpp on CF, so we can ignore these settings.
is 12V Vpp available for PCMCIA ? It can be measured directly
after flipping the PCCR bits, but i think it is unlikely.
I have bought a 64MB EDO SODIMM with 8 4x16 NEC chips.
The most exciting test will be to solder two of them on
the RAM extension board, but i don't have one...
I still don't have a reasonable idea how to attach the SODIMM to
the HP connector. I have already thought about cutting the ROM
connector, but this fine-pitch soldering without good equipment
will be real PITA. So if somebody has a spare RAM board and
wants to sell it for a reasonable price, you are welcome.

I really need to dump the wince kernel page tables. I have already
found by dumping other data, where the coredll.dll functions
are located in the ROM, but they are just wrappers to
0xf000XXXX addresses, which are remapped somewhere
else. wince is really weird, but i don't give up on running 'sol.exe'
in linux :)
BTW, what key produces a keycode '0x7e' ? Good way to force 
the internal diagnostics through the serial port on boot.
it seems to me that wince was developed for a much more beefy and interesting
device than jornada820.

>In other news, jornada720 people seem to be happy now with the 2.6.6-based
>kernel from handhelds.org. Maybe it's time we move there?

Start with the basic memory/kernel setup and a serial port console,
without any weird devices like a keyboard and everything sa1101 related.
Then we can sequentially add sa1101, sa1100fb and so on.


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