UCB1200 status.

Oleg Gusev oleg@usm.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Mar 2 18:52:59 CET 2004

 The buggy audio driver has a lot of issues, and is rewritten in
  2.6, so i have really no interest in fixing it. What i have done
  is a small hack to query AD0 and IO pins.
  The results:
   AD0 = 35+-1, and it is not the backup battery voltage, because
   if the battery is taken out of a running computer the value
   doesn't change.
   The IO=877 (0x36d)
  IO1 = 0
  IO2 = 1
  IO5 = 1
  IO6 = 1
  IO7 = 0
  IO8 = 1
  IO9 = 1

The direction (i/o) is unknown, what do they do too.
Now i am really interested where is the backup battery.


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