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On Friday 05 March 2004 01:09, Oleg Gusev wrote:
> > I received today a a/c adapter for my 820 i got off ebay.  amazingly to
> > me,
> it
> > booted and seems to be working.  still not sure about the battery.
> What is so special about the AC adapter ? Unlike others (hmm, not to
> be named here), HP uses a normal 12V 3.5A adapter. With a line
> filter you can connect j820 directly in a car. BTW, if you have
> a dead battery, please break it open (carefully ;) and make the
> picture.
>  Oleg.

It was a choice of ordering the part for $40 shipped vs finding the parts to 
run it off 120 volt, driving 20 miles both ways (gas is $1.81 now) then 
fabbing it up.  

plus right now work (we run an appliance repair biz) is taking my time

i ran a "test" on the battery, 1 hour starting at full power on mains, 
resulted in an 18% drop in battery charge.  I was not running any programs, 
other than the "power properties".  when the screen would auto sleep i'd 
click on, and close the popup saying the backup batteries are missing.  that 
was the only load (besides the screen) on the system.  if it is dead, I will 
get you your pics

Called HP this morning.  shouldn't have done that, pissed me off.  the spare 
battery tray is no longer made, and you have to be a "authorized repair 

so it's back to trolling ebay.


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