Booting process & memory layout.

Oleg Gusev
Thu Mar 11 20:20:58 CET 2004

Small addition the the written above. wince gives the memory
to hpcboot from the top down. Let's assume the 4MB linux image.
There is some stuff at the top, so the allocated memory is 
~a00000 - e00000. If you break the start, and load the kernel for
the second time, you will get ~600000 - a00000. Do it once more,
get ~200000 - 600000. Next attempt gives you 'no more memory',
as expected. And, as i have said, you can't allocate 
(with normal malloc) more than 'top - 0x160000', because 
0x000000 - 0x160000 is protected by wince. You can force the 
allocation below 0x160000, but then wince will be trashed.


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