more hardware info.

Oleg Gusev
Sun Mar 28 01:34:57 CET 2004

i have finally convinced the customs to give me the package
with the j820 and looked more closely on the "real" 820 hardware.

-  the microphone is handled by SSM2165 (amplifier, pdf available)
-  the trackpad/glidepad is made by ALPS. Are all its features
   supported by tpconfig-3.1.3 ???
-  the "lose"modem is rockwell RP56LD R6790-12. (pdf datasheet
   available, good luck with linux support :), also MC33174 is used.
-  there is a programmable timer MC14536B (pdf available) near the
    USB connector. USB clock ? Magic clock ?
Now i am really curious what is inside the Li-Ion battery, but don't want
to break my own.


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