help needed

Oleg Gusev
Sun May 9 00:09:34 CEST 2004

On Saturday 08 May 2004 06:36 pm, Stanley Kardach wrote:
> Could someone compile ramdisk with mkfs.ext2 and mkfs.vfat, because i can't
> get my cf formated (don't have cf reader or network card).

I'm missing 'fsck' on the ramdisk. It is reasonable to check the rootfs
before mounting it.
What is the best filesystem for the rootfs ? jffs2 ?

> After 2 weeks of testing synce-kde i can say that i don't need windoza now
> and i can sync only in linux ^_^.

I use 'scp'. Over ethernet. Or with wireless. Even if that was not an option,
115kbit is ok for ppp :)


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