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Oops. We need to do something about that.
Any taker for the jornada820?

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Subject: ReadMeNow: Clearing out the SA1100 cruft
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Since many SA1100 machine types no longer build, I've taken the liberty
of starting to eliminate those which don't.

Any machine type which is not actively maintained is an unnecessary and
unfair burden on the rest of the community - when a global change occurs,
all machine types will be updated.  If no one is looking after a machine
type, the effort to apply the change to that machine type is wasted.

Therefore, I'm about to remove about 236K of unmaintained SA1100 machine
support code from the kernel.

See http://www.arm.linux.org.uk/~rmk/misc/sa1100-cleanup.diff for the
initial efforts.

If there's a machine type in there which you don't want removed, please
submit a patch to the patch system to add a working version back into
the kernel *WITH* a MAINTAINERS entry, and detailing your commitment
to maintain the machine type.

In future, I'd like to see any machine type which is merged to contain
a statement of commitment to maintain it, a MAINTAINERS entry, _and_
a commitment from the maintainer to send a notification to this mailing
list when a platform is no longer maintained by themselves.  Failure to
satisfy this shall be used as an excuse not to commit peoples machine
support patches.


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