Newbie with problems

Stern, Rick (Serviceguard Linux)
Tue Apr 19 17:38:07 CEST 2005

Follow-up - I seem to have it working now.  Here's what I found

The reason I went to fat32 instead of fat16 was the instructions 
in the wiki said:
"This page describes how to get a quick and dirty installation 
of linux installed on your jornada.

Partition flash card into

    * 16mb fat32 -- this will hold the bootloader and kernel image
    * 128mb swap
    * *mb ext2 -- this will hold your linux installation "

Don't think fat16 vs. fat 32 was my problem since it was starting to

For debug, I deleted the 3rd partition and did successfully boot the 
kernel image. So it was all in the setup of the 3rd partition.  (BTW - 
somewhere along the line I did convert over to fat16.)

Originally I was working with RH4 desktop.  I converted over to SLES9
and it got it to work with the 3rd partition.  Did one other thing a 
little bit differently - I extracted the tar file directly in the 
CF partition rather than on the system and copying all of the files.  
I suspect that the solution was the RH4 vs. SLES9.

Now I'm playing around getting more used to the environment (Oleg's 
version) and trying to start "X" correctly.  (Right now it just 
brings up a blank screen but I'm sure that I don't have something 
set correctly.


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> > I have a Jornada 820 with 32MB (yes one of the lucky ones)
> I hope we will be able to put more RAM soon :)
> >
> > I've fdisk'd the card with the following
> > Partition 1 size +16MB type b (Win95 fat32)
> I have fat16 here. Linux doesn't really care about these 
> numbers, but wince 
> can be confused.
> > Partition 2 size +128M type 82 (Linux swap)
> > Partition 3 (default - remainder of the flash - type 83)
> >
> > Mkfs (defaults to ext2) of /dev/sdb3
> Try to run fsck '/dev/sdb3' after copying everything to CF.
> > (TAR.BZ and zaurus-debian-base-v0.17.tgz) but they have 
> almost the same
> > directory structure so I tried them individually.
> TAR.BZ was an older debian for zaurus with some packages added.
> > /linuxrc: 1: cannoth open dev/vc/1: no such file
> > Kernel panic : attempted to kill init!
> It seems that devfs is not running at that point.
>  Oleg.

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