Linux Distros on Jornada 820

Justin Rietz
Sun Feb 20 20:51:10 CET 2005

I am setting up linux on my Jornada 820 (awesome
software!).  I have the basics running from the SF
project, and now I would like to install a full
embedded distro such as Familiar.  My requirements are
PIM (calender, addressbook - synch to MS Outlook would
be nice), email with IMAP & SSL, a text editor, web
browser, and ssh client.  Extras that would be nice
are IM, a spreadsheet app, and a presentation app.

If anyone has suggestions as to which distro to use,
it would be much appreciated, and detailed directions
on how to set it up would be HUGE!



p.s.  Has anyone gotten a wireless card to work under
linux on the 820?

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