Linux Distros on Jornada 820

Justin Rietz
Mon Feb 21 19:15:46 CET 2005

I apologize for my lack of knowledge - I am not a
programmer, just someone who tinkers with electronic
gadgets and occasionally linux :-)

I was reading the Jornada820 sourceforge page and I
thought  Familiar could be used with a large enough CF
card.  Perhaps you can explain to me what CAN be done:
 web browser?  email client with SSL and IMAP (command
line is fine)?

Also, is there anyplace I can get simple instructions
on how to set up the CF card to manage a bootloader
and  a larger distribution (such as Oleg's)?  I
understand fdisk, etc., just not sure what I need to
do as far as chroot, pivot_root, etc.  Again,
remember, I am but a simple tinkerer.

And if there is anything I can do to contribute, I
would be happy to do so!


--- Oleg Gusev <> wrote:

> On Sunday 20 February 2005 20:51, Justin Rietz
> wrote:
> > My requirements are
> > PIM (calender, addressbook - synch to MS Outlook
> would
> > be nice), email with IMAP & SSL, a text editor,
> web
> > browser, and ssh client.  Extras that would be
> nice
> > are IM, a spreadsheet app, and a presentation app.
> >
>  Hi Justi(n,
>   you must be kidding. A stock jornada820 has 16 MB
> RAM,
>   2 MB are reserved for wince, so running a standard
>   bloated X setup with only twm and xterm is quite
> painful in
>   itself. X _can_ be tuned, but it will take some
> time and effort.
> > p.s.  Has anyone gotten a wireless card to work
> under
> > linux on the 820?
>  Yes. Netgear MA701 CF card (prism2) 
>  with PCMCIA adapter works great here.
>  Oleg.

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