Jornada820 Digest, Vol 16, Issue 4

Stanley Kardach
Tue Feb 22 15:28:46 CET 2005

OK i did it. What I was missing was inserting ucb1x00-ts module into the  
kernel, after it was done...^^i saw my beloxed X what i  
will try to do is do the same thing using some of zaurus/OpenEmbeded,  
because Your old tar's dpkg system to say this....messed up ;P.  
Of we go! To teh new world!! (Xemacs would be great ;)


> On Saturday 19 February 2005 10:51, Stanley Kardach wrote:
>> I have a problem with running X. I know that Oleg was able to run them
>> (although very slow). So i got his Tar from the site, but my device
>> freezes with a black screen. I'm not sure where's the problem.
>  Hi Stan,
>   it's amazing that the people still use my old quick and dirty hack ;)
>   I think that X was looking for the touchscreen files in /dev/ts or
>   /dev/touchscreen or something similar. If they are not there,
>   X server hangs. Run 'strace' from the serial terminal or network
>   and you will see.
>  Oleg.

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