Matan Ziv-Av
Mon Feb 28 18:58:42 CET 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Oleg Gusev wrote:

> On Monday 28 February 2005 10:45, Armijn Hemel wrote:
>> Well, specifications would be nice :)
> Armijn,
> there are three things we don't know about the machine
> and given the HP "information support" with j7xx and j56x it is
> very unprobable that they ever will or can tell us about them.
> The unknown things are:
>  1.  entering and leaving the sleep mode on the keyboard controller.
>        If wince supports it, we will find it out.
>  2.  1200bps battery status datastream. Again, all what wince picks out
>        from it can be recovered.
>  3. We don't know how to monitor the backup battery.
>  4. We don't know the modem base address on the j820 US model.
>       Can be recovered from wince too, but since i have only the
>      (working) j820e, i can't really test it.

5. IRDA (the GPIOs that are used to turn it on/off and to set mode).

Matan Ziv-Av.               

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