Anybody who needs another Jornada?

Malte Wedel
Thu Jul 14 01:58:12 CEST 2005

I am getting more and more mails about this (in fact much more than 
expected ;-), so I send this answer to the list: Sorry, but Matan was 
the first person who asked for it, so I will send it to him.

Since the Win CE 2.11 software that comes with Jornada is kind of 
outdated and there is no out-of-the-box linux distribution, that I 
could just install and give it to someone who has no clue (as my 
mother), maybe I will give away another one in a few weeks.


On 14.07.2005, at 00:57, Jason S. Mantor wrote:

> Don't trash it : (
> I'd take it off your hand's but I'm in the US ...

>>> On Monday 11 July 2005 21:49, Malte Wedel wrote:
>>>> I have one Jornada 820 here, without battery, without power supply 
>>>> and a
>>>> broken space bar key.
>>> I can send you the keyboard. Any 12V power supply will go, the 
>>> required currents are somewhere in archive.
>>> The battery is a complex thing, because it has a builtin
>>> microcontroller that reports on its status.
>> Thanks for your help, but I really don't need it anymore. If nobody 
>> is interested, I will trash it. Perhaps I will take it apart first 
>> ;-) or try to connect the LCD screen to my LART...
>> Malte
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