script to roll your own debian on j820

Thu Jul 21 18:54:57 CEST 2005

I've just committed to the cvs HEAD a script bootimage/mkxdeb that
should help you create your own custom debian image. Edit the script
to reflect your desired directory setup and selection of packages.
Then, su to root and ./mkxdeb do-it -- in case anything fails, add the
-x flag, and/or see how things are done inside to debug stuff. When
copying things over to CF, you should exclude /remote and /proc. My
package selection makes it for 383MiB on CF and 282MiB additional
stuff to remain on NFS. That includes over 80MiB for xemacs, lots of
common-lisp packages, a minimal X setup, etc. YMMV.

So those of you who would like to develop a customized debian for your
jornada820 -- well, now you can.

Please test it, enhance it, report bugs, document it on the wiki, etc.

Desired enhancements: a good set of defaults for all those silly
questions that debconf asks...

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