Cross-installing debian-arm for the jornada

Malte Wedel
Thu Jul 21 20:09:39 CEST 2005

Hi Fare,

this is really good news. I tried to get something to compile with  
openembedded during the last week, and this is not as easy as I  
expected. The link to the script in cvs gives me a 404. Is this a  
replication problem of sourceforge, or did you forget to submit it? Is  
there a special reason this script has to be run as root?


On 21.07.2005, at 19:48, Faré wrote:

> I have written a script to make it easy to cross-install a debian-arm
> installation from a linux PC. My purpose was to create an image for my
> j820, but the same procedure can be used for pretty much any target
> machine, arm or not arm, handheld or not handheld, with a little bit
> of configuration.
> Debian%20on%20the%20Jornada%20820
> Help welcome in making it a better script.
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