installation instructions...colors in X

Roman Stanchak
Fri Mar 4 14:36:38 CET 2005

Below is a partial installation guide for getting a
distro with X up and running.

However, the xserver ends up with weird colors --
everything that should be white is blue -- anybody
have a fix for this?


J820 Linux Installation guide ----------------
Partition 1gb flash card into
fdisk /dev/sda
16mb fat32
128mb swap
800mb ext2

put the following on 16mb partition:

unpack the following on 800 mb

Boot into wince, start hpcbootm and select j820 as
Boot linux.

ext2 partition is automatically mounted at /mnt/linux

Unpack kernel modules:
> cd /mnt/linux
> tar jxvf /modules.tar.bz2

Change root
> chroot /mnt/linux /bin/bash

Update environment
> source /etc/profile

Change root password
> passwd

Change ownership on modules
> chown -R root.root /lib/modules

Load modules
> update-modules
> modprobe usb1.00-ts
> cat usb1.00-ts >> /etc/modules

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