Jornada 820

Tue Apr 28 21:39:02 CEST 2009

1- Mount your partition from your Linux PC (or from the bootimage,
after creating a /noautomount directory on the FAT partition).
2- edit the /etc/passwd and/or /etc/shadow of the partition to either
blank out the password field, or insert the contents from YOUR
3- sync ; umount
4- reboot your jornada

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2009/4/28 Alexander Malyshev <>:
> Dear Faré, I don`t understand how I can run Linux on my j820.
> What I do:
> First I parted my 256CF to two partitions 16Mb - FAT and other - ext2,
> then I untarged TAR.bz2 to ext2 partition and copy to FAT hpcbootm.exe
> and j820.
> In WinCE I run hpcbootm.exe and j820 on kernel-image. When Jornada is
> booted, I see "login: ". I try login on root without password but OS
> write incorrect login, try again, or something that.
> Sory for my english, today I feel bad, because yerstoday I wery much drink :-)
> Do you can explain how I may run Linux on my Jornada820?
> 2009/4/27 Faré <>:
>> Dear Alexander,
>> There is no default root passord.
>> You may mount the card and edit /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow to have no root
>> passwd (if you don't have a card reader, you can do tha from the boot
>> image by creating a directory nomount on the boot FAT partition I believe.
>> NB: you'll need to run an old linux distribution because a recent libc
>> will require a 2.6 kernel, which we never completed.
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>> 2009/4/27 Alexander Malyshev <>:
>>> Hi, Fahree.
>>> Many time ago I write to Oleg Gusev and ask about password for root to ported
>>> debian for HPC Jornada 820 (I change my e-mail address and lost my mailing).
>>> Sorry, but is dead and my HPC is Live!
>>> If you can give me instructions how i can start
>>> "" -- linux on my device.
>>> not work and I can`t read
>>> how-to about run linux.
>>> Thank you very much, I hope you help me.

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