jornada 820 on 2.6 kernel

Wed Jun 10 17:27:42 CEST 2009

2009/6/9 Andrey Batyiev <>:
> I'm trying to launch linux 2.6 on j820. In CVS there is a version for 2.6.13,
> however it doesn't compile. Could you give me some advance how make it works,
> please?

Dear Andrey,

we never got 2.6 correctly running, although one hacker once got 2.6.8
running on his machine. If you want to work on the 2.6 port, I suggest
you start from the maintained recent git tree of the jornada720 team,
and try to merge 820-specific changes into that.

My 820 is currently retired. I'll send it to any hacker with
credentials who wants to work on it for the cost of shipping.

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