Info aobut install linux in the jornada 820e

Alessandro Rubini
Fri Oct 11 09:09:52 CEST 2013


> Please i need your help , i have a Jornada 820e for install linux .

I think the porting project is stalled.  I was in charge of one such
effort but I failed for lack of time and lack of information about the
device.  So I returned the device to Francois-Rene Rideau, who gave
me one for the development.

The work went on, with some success, but I have no traces of work
since 2005 on this list.  There is a sourceforge project, but it looks like interest in the
machine stopped in 2007 or so.  Actually, it's a pretty slow system by
today's standards, and it definitely won't be able to run a recent web
browser or similar stuff.

So, unless you are a serious hacker with fun-time to invest, I fear
you won't be able to run your 820 with a linux distribution.

Hope this helps

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