[LTP] test.sh and ROD redirection

Alexey Kodanev alexey.kodanev@oracle.com
Fri Jan 22 10:15:38 CET 2016

On 01/21/2016 04:51 PM, Cyril Hrubis wrote:
> Hi!
> As I've been doing last minute fixes to shell testcases I've stambled
> upon this problem. We have a couple of places that do:
> ROD echo foo > bar
> And while this works fine if the command executes successfully it writes
> the error message to the file bar on failure as well (since the part
> that gets to the ROD as $@ is the 'echo foo' while the '> bar' is parsed
> by the shell.
> One solution would be redirecting the messages from tst_* to stderr, so
> we would be able to at least see the error message, but this wouldn't
> catch errors when we cannot write to the 'bar' (since echo foo would
> executed successfully anyway).
This won't work in case of simple file creation: ROD >file. Quotation 
marks seem to
help in this case with ROD.

./testcases/network/nfs/nfs_stress/nfs03:            ROD >file$j$k

can be changed to ROD ">file$j$k"

> Another solution would be to create ROD_ECHO and ROD_CAT and change ROD
> to abort if anybody tries to use it with these two. Which solves our
> usage pattern but this is clumsy and still broken as anyone can redirect
> output from ROD anyway.

Could be just one ROD_RED that accepts parameters in this way: 1st for 
exec and
the others to set after '>' redirection.

     $1 > ${@:2}
     if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

ROD_RED "echo 0" "file"

Best regards,

> Is there a elegant solution to this problem that I'm missing?

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