[LTP] q-rig: qemu ltprun on armhf and arm64

Domenico Andreoli domenico.andreoli@linux.com
Tue Apr 11 17:08:20 CEST 2017

Hi all,

  this is me, Domenico (cavokz on github.com, cavok at debian.org).

I've been toying with Travis CI, qemu and LTP recently. My
effort is here: https://github.com/q-rig. It runs LTP on top
of the latest linux -rc on Debian sid, inside qemu on armhf and
arm64. Binaries are built when needed. You can find them here:

Activities are run in Travis CI [0]. LTP tests are split so to finish
in less than 49 minutes (Travis CI constraint). The LPT results are
put again in https://github.com/q-rig/qemu-ltprun-results, which is
probably the wrong place.

All this is quite brute force cpu cycles harvesting generously proved
by Travis CI and github.

Now I'd like to tackle the aggregation of the data generated by LTP. The
best I could do is just generating also the .html page and upload it
to github [1] but I think more is actually desirable here.

Is there any documentation I'm expected to read before asking for
support here? :)


[0] https://travis-ci.org/q-rig/qemu-ltprun
[1] https://github.com/q-rig/qemu-ltprun-results/tree/master/ltp/20170411-3.10-linux-4.11.0-rc6-ltp-20170116-arm64

3B10 0CA1 8674 ACBA B4FE  FCD2 CE5B CF17 9960 DE13

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