[LTP] [PATCH v5 08/12] hotplug/memory_hotplug: Exit with TCONF when NUMA headers not available

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Sat Oct 28 18:47:36 CEST 2017

Hi Cyril,

> > --- a/testcases/kernel/hotplug/memory_hotplug/memtoy.c

> I was trying to figure out how is this binary executed and it seems like
> it is not. There even seems to be some scripts for it. So in the long
> term we should investigate if it's worth keeping or not and maybe
> ressurect it.

> So all in all I do not see if there is a value in patching it if we do
> not run it at all and it produces strange failures on non-numa machine
> anyways...

How about deleting whole testcases/kernel/hotplug/memory_hotplug directory?
The only binary from that directory is memtoy, which is indeed not used in
any runtest file nor any script called by a runtest file.

It was taken from an upstream project from
http://devresources.linux-foundation.org/dev/hotplug/, which is now available
in https://github.com/kosaki/memtoy.

I can send patch with RFC tag to ML before, if you want.

Kind regards,

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