[LTP] [PATCH v3 1/1] ipneigh : Use new API

Anton Smorodskyi asmorodskyi@suse.de
Tue May 22 13:49:32 CEST 2018

Hi Petr

> You can provide your own file with tests cases you want, put that file in /opt/ltp/runtest/
> $ cat /opt/ltp/runtest/test
> ipneigh6_ip ipneigh01.sh -6 -c ip
> ipneigh01_arp ipneigh01.sh -c arp
> ipneigh01_ip ipneigh01.sh -c ip
> $ PASSWD=your-root-password /opt/ltp/testscripts/network.sh -f test
thanks for advice , I also thought about something like this because I 
think that ipneigh term is not the best one and not showing what 
actually covered ( not only ip neighbour but also arp command ) and both 
cases it is just tools to
delete line from arp table which is just one step in test flow and not 
sure if it is main one ? But I don't feel confident enough to came up 
with new name. And I would do what you suggesting here only if I will 
have better name for ipneigh01.sh script. Do you have some certain ideas 
how better to name it ?
>> -	tst_resm TINFO "Stress auto-creation of $entry_name cache entry"
>> -	tst_resm TINFO "by pinging '$rhost' and deleting entry again"
>> -	tst_resm TINFO "with '$arp_del_cmd'"
>> +	tst_res TINFO "Stress auto-creation of $entry_name cache entry"
>> +	tst_res TINFO "by pinging '$rhost'"
>> +	tst_res TINFO "and deleting entry again with '$del_cmd'"
>> +	tst_res TINFO "in a loop with $NUMLOOPS iterations"
> Probably this would be enough:
> 	tst_res TINFO "Stress auto-creation of $entry_name cache entry $NUMLOOPS times"
Why you think that 4 lines is too much ? I personally don't see a 
problem to give user a little more info and don't think that you can 
call it spaming


all other your suggestions are applied . after solving this two topics I 
will provide v4 ( hope the last one :D )

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