[LTP] [PATCH 2/4] net: Allow to overwrite libraries getopts handlers

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Tue May 29 10:07:39 CEST 2018

Hi Alexey,

> > -TST_OPTS="hl:m:p:s:S:k:A:e:a:c:r:"
> > -TST_PARSE_ARGS=ipsec_lib_parse_args
> > +TST_OPTS="${TST_OPTS:-hl:m:p:s:S:k:A:e:a:c:r:}"

> So, to customize these options we would need to implement the original
> library options as well or you are going to pass the rest of the options
> to the library ipsec_lib_parse_args handler?

> I think TST_OPTS should include the library ones and the new options
> from the test.

> It would be better to show the usage somewhere, i.e. when it is
> really needed.
OK, I'll include this one in patchset, which migrate virt_lib.sh + ipsec_lib.sh into the
new API. I tried to introduce some changes before as the whole patch is going to be quite
big (due other bugs and the need to migrate virt_lib.sh and ipsec_lib.sh altogether.

My idea is if the test which uses any of virt_lib.sh or ipsec_lib.sh needs to change
getopts, it's it's responsibility to add these getopts.

Kind regards,

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