[LTP] Question about the usage of tst_brk()

Jan Stancek jstancek@redhat.com
Wed Nov 7 12:31:07 CET 2018

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> Hi!
> > If only TFAIL, TBROK and TCONF should be supported by tst_brk() in new
> > library,
> > i will add check to mark TWARN and TPASS as invalid.
> First of all I think that tst_brk() will only work with TBROK and TCONF at
> the
> moment, see the check_child_status() function, we do handle only TBROK and
> TCONF in the switch there, anything else will cause the test library to exit
> with invalid exit value. Well the tst_brk(TPASS, ...) will work by accident
> since we have to handle zero exit value there as well.
> However how the code is now the tst_brk(TPASS, ...) in new library will not
> account the passed result in the result counters, so it would be a good idea
> to
> check what value has been passed to the tst_brk() and allow only TBROK and
> TCONF there.

tst_brk is macro in newlib, so maybe we can catch this at compile-time?

> If we wanted to enable TPASS and TFAIL we would have to first define sane
> semantic for it. I guess that something as "exit currect test process and
> increment result counters" would be reasonable, this could be done with:

tst_brk() always suggested to me that this is somehow unusual termination
of test - something's not right with environment or test itself.

Our docs say "Printf-like function to report error and exit the test",
so my preference would to not use it for "good" outcomes.


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