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Jonatas Bastos jonatasfbastos@gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 19:32:11 CET 2018

MSc. Jonatas Bastos, Ph.D. student in Comp. Science at Federal University
of Bahia, Brazil;

Dr. Paulo Cesar Masiero,

Dr. Paulo Anselmo Neto,

Dr. Ivan Machado,

Dr. Eduardo Almeida, Associate professor at Federal University of Bahia,


We are conducting a survey to investigate and validate findings from a
previous study that analyzes the history of the Linux Test Project (LTP).
In the this study, we analyzed over 400,000 test cases, spanning the LTP
for over 16 years of development and analyzing more than 63 million lines
of code.  You are being contacted because of your contribution to the LTP
project and your knowledge on Highly-configurable System and Tests.

  We would like to invite you to answer a survey questionnaire to collect
data for the Ph.D. research "Test evolution in highly-configurable systems
". The questionnaire has twenty-one questions and it should take no more
than 20 minutes. Your responses are confidential and will be aggregated
with other contributors who were invited. Your responses will be stored on
a password-protected computer that is securely stored. Moreover, your
responses are very important for the development of research in the field
and contributes profoundly to the understanding of LTP.

  If you have any questions about this study, please give us the
opportunity to answer them. Otherwise, if you agree to participate in this
survey, please access the online questionnaire
read and mark the consent term, and answer the questionnaire.

In the end of the process, you will be contacted with the Survey results.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Jonatas Bastos, Paulo Cesar Masiero, Paulo Neto, Ivan Machado, and  Eduardo

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