[LTP] LTP: HugeTLB failures in version ltp-20170516-179-g18916a2

Nikita Gupta nikitarulz@gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 04:54:38 CET 2018

Hi All,

HugeTLB is resulting into Conf in one version and Fail in another version
for same kernel configuration.

*Version LTP-20170116:*
All test cases of HugeTLB are marked *Conf by ltp*, stating:
*1  TCONF  :  hugetlb.c:45: Huge page is not supported.
*2  TCONF  :  **hugetlb.c:45: Remaining cases not appropriate for

*Version LTP-20170516-179-g18916a2:*
All test cases of HugeTLB are marked *Fail by LTP*, stating:
*tst_test.c:908: INFO: Timeout per run is 0h 05m 00s hugetlb.c:46: CONF:
Huge page is not supported. mem.c:850: INFO: set nr_hugepages to 0
safe_file_ops.c:283: WARN: Failed to open FILE '/proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages'
for writing at mem.c:853: ENOENT*

Isn't in version ltp-20170516-179-g18916a2 also, all test cases should be
marked Conf.
As the file /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages is not present for both the versions.

Nikita Gupta
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