[LTP] [PATCH v3] memcg_stress_test.sh: ported to newlib

Cristian Marussi cristian.marussi@arm.com
Mon Feb 4 12:56:29 CET 2019


On 01/02/2019 13:45, Petr Vorel wrote:
> Hi Cristian,
>> Thanks for the review and the cleanup. (next I was going to rework following your today's advises, but you've been faster...)
> I'm sorry, I'll be patient next time :).
> I was thinking to add these changes to your commit and merge patchset,
> but as I introduced 2 regressions in your patchset last time (I test it of
> course), I was careful.
>> I'll test asap.
> Thanks a lot!

Tested from you branch with ToT as:

10df48aa7 (HEAD -> pevik_ltp/christian/memcg_stress_test.sh.v3.fixes)
memcg_stress_test.sh: fix memory usage
ebd6efaa6 memcg_stress_test.sh: Further cleanup
02c520928 memcg_stress_test.sh: ported to newlib
fc544f842 controllers/mem_process.c: Fix comparison warning

on 4k/64k pages defocnfig....looks fine to me.

Thanks a lot for the cleanup.



> Kind regards,
> Petr

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