[LTP] [PATCH v2] syscalls/readahead02: limit max readahead to backing device max_readahead_kb

Amir Goldstein amir73il@gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 10:53:24 CET 2019

> > Try to set bdi limit of test device on setup() to testfile_size before
> > reading
> > back the value?
> > If that fails try testfile_size / 2 etc.
> Maybe, but we would need to start lower (2M). Kernels prior to
> commit 600e19afc5f8a6c18ea49cee9511c5797db02391 will just ignore it.

Ah. Thanks for the reference.
But kernels prior to this commit SHOULD fail the test if they
don't comply with explicit readahead() request that is below 2M
and bdi limit. That is the case that the commit sets to fix. No?


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