[LTP] [PATCH v4] syscalls/readahead02: set readahead to min(bdi limit, 2M)

Li Wang liwang@redhat.com
Tue Mar 12 14:46:23 CET 2019

On Fri, Mar 8, 2019 at 8:19 PM Jan Stancek <jstancek@redhat.com> wrote:

> Using system-wide "Cached" size is not accurate. The test is sporadically
> failing with warning on ppc64le 4.18 and 5.0 kernels.
> Problem is that test over-estimates max readahead size, which then
> leads to fewer readhead calls and kernel can silently trims length
> in each of them:
>   ...
>   readahead02.c:244: INFO: Test #2: POSIX_FADV_WILLNEED on file
>   readahead02.c:134: INFO: creating test file of size: 67108864
>   readahead02.c:263: INFO: read_testfile(0)
>   readahead02.c:274: INFO: read_testfile(1)
>   readahead02.c:189: INFO: max ra estimate: 12320768
>   readahead02.c:198: INFO: readahead calls made: 6
>   readahead02.c:204: PASS: offset is still at 0 as expected
>   readahead02.c:308: INFO: read_testfile(0) took: 492486 usec
>   readahead02.c:309: INFO: read_testfile(1) took: 430627 usec
>   readahead02.c:311: INFO: read_testfile(0) read: 67108864 bytes
>   readahead02.c:313: INFO: read_testfile(1) read: 59244544 bytes
>   readahead02.c:316: PASS: readahead saved some I/O
>   readahead02.c:324: INFO: cache can hold at least: 264192 kB
>   readahead02.c:325: INFO: read_testfile(0) used cache: 124992 kB
>   readahead02.c:326: INFO: read_testfile(1) used cache: 12032 kB
>   readahead02.c:338: WARN: using less cache than expected
> Try raising bdi readahead limit as much as we can. We write and read back
> "read_ahead_kb" sysfs value, starting with filesize. If that fails, we try
> again with lower value.
> readahead_length used in the test is then set to MIN(bdi limit, 2M),
> so we respect also kernels prior to commit 600e19afc5f8 ("mm: use
> only per-device readahead limit").
> Signed-off-by: Jan Stancek <jstancek@redhat.com>

Tested-by: Li Wang <liwang@redhat.com>

I run this patch for more than 100 times on my ppc64le 4.18 platform, and
confirmed the problem is no longer appear.

Li Wang
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