[LTP] LTP: mount02 was expected EINVAL(22) but got ENOENT(2): No such file or directory

Naresh Kamboju naresh.kamboju@linaro.org
Wed Mar 13 14:47:00 CET 2019

LTP syscalls mount02 failed on mainline (Linux version 5.0.0) for all devices.

Results comparison link,
you could see good and bad commit id in the above link.

Error log,
mount02 5 TFAIL : mount02.c:117: mount() was expected to fail with
EINVAL(22): TEST_ERRNO=ENOENT(2): No such file or directory

Failure full log on x15 armv7,

structure Inputs,
{&null, &mntpoint, &fs_type, 0, EINVAL, NULL, NULL},

Snippet  test code:
TEST(mount(*tc->device, *tc->mntpoint, *tc->fs_type, tc->flag, NULL));

if (TEST_RETURN != -1) {
tst_resm(TFAIL, "mount() succeded unexpectedly (ret=%li)",
goto cleanup;

if (TEST_ERRNO != tc->exp_errno) {
tst_resm(TFAIL | TTERRNO,
         "mount() was expected to fail with %s(%i)",
         tst_strerrno(tc->exp_errno), tc->exp_errno);
goto cleanup;

do you notice this mount02 failure on mainline kernel ?

Best regards
Naresh Kamboju

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