[LTP] [RESENT][PATCH v2 1/1] lapi: Define TST_ABI{, 32, 64} to detect target type

Petr Vorel petr.vorel@gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 07:43:09 CET 2019

Hi Cyril,

> Hi!
> > and replace __WORDSIZE with them.

> > Motivation was instead of finding, where all libc define __WORDSIZE,
> > which is usually used for detecting target type (at least MUSL
> > defines it in different place than other libc) we define our own
> > constant.

> > + change encoding of the comment in mem01.c to utf8 and use SPDX license
> > identifier.

> This should go in separate patch, also I do not see a reason to keep the
> "We didn't forget you" french comment in the source file, we should
> probably delete it.

> Other than that the rest looks good.

Thanks for your review!
Split into 2 patches and merged.

Kind regards,

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